Bad Brains – Live at CBGB 1982
02/05/13 · 14,647 Views · Ken Jenie

I’ve been reminiscing about hardcore and the role that it had during my youth, and while going through Youtube looking through videos of bands that I enjoyed this live set by Bad Brains at CBGBs came up. The footage is from 1982, and by this time the DC-formed, NYC-based group has released their debut self-titled, cementing their legacy as one of the greatest hardcore bands of their era.

These performance in the now defunct CBGB is legendary, as you will see. They combine the ferocity of hardcore with the spiritual exploration of reggae with aplomb, making their set a brilliant show of musicianship. What also makes the video enjoyable is how the band and the crowd just seems to be in sync with each other, it is really something you must see to believe. Enjoy the video!

Tags: hardcore, hxc, Music
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