Leslie Williamson’s Kickstarter Campaign
02/08/13 · 14,952 Views · Athina Ibrahim

As a great observer of detail, Leslie William has expanded her interest of photographs and architecture into a notable book ‘Handcrafted Modern’ and only recently campaigning a follow up of her new book ‘Handcrafted Modern Europe: At Home with Midcentury Designers’ focusing on the homes and studios of thirteen of the most notable European architects and designers of the Mid Twentieth Century. If you enjoy going through portraits of people’s home and discovering the life quality these creative individual strive for as much as I do, visit Leslie William’s website and blog while giving her support at Kickstarter.

I see homes as a portrait of their inhabitants, so I photograph each space with an eye not only to the architecture, design and wide views of the rooms, but also the small quiet moments that reveal these creative people’s character. Some homes are well known house museums, like Alvar Aalto’s house in Helsinki, Finland. Others are homes that have been kept in tact by the family who has inherited the house, like Bruno Mathsson’s home in Varnamo, Sweden, and still others are inhabited by the designer themselves, like Gae Aulenti’s apartment in Milan, Italy.

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