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Pentateuque by Fabien Mérelle
02/22/13 · 23,249 Views · Ken Jenie

‘Impressive’is a word that describe artist Fabien Merelle sculpture, Pentateuque. The French artist’s work brings one of his painting to life, a man balancing the weight of the world on his shoulders (the weight represented by the elephant). As you can see from the photos above (dont forget to scroll!), the attention to detail is stunning – everything from the elephant skin’s texture, the man’s slightly hairy arms and legs, to the texture of the clothing the man is wearing is meticulously made to look realistic. The character’s expression, the two’s body language, not to mention the absurdity of a man balancing an elephant on his back, gives Pentateuque a very lighthearted, almost comical feel to it. Pentateuque was shown at 2013 art stage singapore exhibition at the marina bay sands.

Art Stage Singapore
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