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Birdhouse Project in Bandung
07/12/13 · 23,486 Views · Athina Ibrahim

If you were a bird living in a big city, your little feet would most likely hop on the edge of a tall building rather than trees. Keeping in mind the importance of constructing and planning a humble habitat not only for human’s use, House The House and UNKL347 launch a collaboration project titled Birdhouse Project as a tiny celebration to dig local creative potential, be it individual or collective, through a simple issue: a birdhouse that can be placed anywhere.

After a tiresome battle with the rain and drought around Bandung, the sky is once again clear and free from grey clouds this early July. For the whole Saturday, the sunray heat stings every head of UNKL347’s Eco-Forestry Area visitors, where the launching exhibition of Birdhouse Project is held.

This exhibition invites dozens of creator with various backgrounds to define a birdhouse according to their own view. For one whole month prior to the event, numbers of architect, designer, product designer, graphic designer, and others located in Bandung, Jakarta to Surabaya busily sent, display and promote their work. Opened with some prolix greetings, Meizan as the representative from House The House and Eddi from UNKL347 explained that the exhibition that will be held for the whole week does not solely have the noble purpose of preserving city bird population of sort; but also emphasize on celebrating design scene in Indonesia’s big cities that has been progressively developing the past few years. Aligned with those purposes, House The House also slipped in a discussion series at the open-air skateboard ramp of UNKL347 under the name of Trivia Club, inviting Zanun Nurangga and Mitch Riffandie as the exhibitor to do some gossiping about the growth of local design world.

The exhibition, which is also celebrated with the big sale of UNKL347’s unique furniture collection is enlivened by the warm music performance by Swara Gerilya and live performance by DJ Melody Garcia, Egga and Artiandi-Raditya.

Text by Septhiria Chandra

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