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Nike Roshe Run Hyperfuse in Two Colorways
07/26/13 · 18,296 Views · Ken Jenie

Sneaker fans can now include the new Nike Roshe Run Hyperfuse into their wish list. So what’s new, you ask? Indeed, the Nike Roshe Run series is still relatively new, since it’s introduction in 2012.

Hyperfuse”, of course, is the operative word here. Part of the shoes, like the lace collar that connects with toe-box, is fused together seamlessly.New features also include suede heel panels sitting on top of white phylon sole. Nike Roshe Run Hyperfuse comes in two summer-appropriate colours, lime green/aqua blue and lava red/navy, which undoubtedly, add that extra zest to the entire getup.

There is no official release date as of yet but is anticipated to hit the stores in coming weeks.

Text by Julius Kensan

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