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Being A Nanilu
The North Sumatran ethnic group, Batak people are predominantly known for their strong attributes - facial features and personality. So it bears no surprise that their cuisine holds the same characteristics of being strong and highly favorable. Lisa Virgiano shares to us her curious experience of being a Nanilu, a term that refers to being a Batak people wannabe, in her journey as she savours the Batak delicacies.
Author Lisa Virgiano · Photo/Illustration Asha Stamboel
11/09/10 · 31,591 Views
Lisa Virgiano
As an endearing food conquistador! Lisa's true passion of Indonesian food culture has made her focus on building a conducive environment for many agents of change willing to exchange inspirations by using food as a medium. That is why she successfully established the award-winning Underground Secret Dining event series in Jakarta.
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