Short Stories and Lasting Impressions
Knowing the Value of Short Fiction
Lost time is an excuse anyone makes to not delve into great work of literature. As Dwiputri Pertiwi explains "Time is something that cannot be recovered," so instead she invites all of you to shift your daily attention from lost time to see the possibilities of what focusing on short stories can do for you.
Author Dwiputri Pertiwi · Photo/Illustration Ray Rahardja
07/11/13 · 17,859 Views
Dwiputri Pertiwi
When Dwiputri Pertiwi is not writing or taking pictures for Whiteboard Journal, she spends most of her time in bookstores. Her interests include photography, literature, the Japanese and Korean languages, as well as different kinds of Asian calligraphy. Though currently based in Jakarta, she still wants to move around a few more times before settling down.
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