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The Moving Image with Anggun Priambodo
Mariati Galatio (M) interviews director/visual artist Anggun Priambodo (A)
Anggun Priambodo is a visual artist that has done everything from music videos, short films to art installations. His works are distinct in its humour and representation of Jakarta's chaos, and has earned him attention as one of Indonesia's best independent film directors. For this interview, Anggun brought our Whiteboard Journalists to Jatiwangi Art Factory, where he talked about his past works, his love for music, and his first full-length film, Rocket Rain, all while giving them a tour of the exhibition he contributed an installation to.
Author Mariati Galatio · Translation Ken Jenie · Photo/Illustration Dwiputri Pertiwi
09/10/2013 · 57,474 Views
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