Gila Vinyl – A Site for Vinyl Enthusiasts


Gila Vinyl – A Site for Vinyl Enthusiasts

by Ken Jenie


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Music collecting is an addictive activity. There’s a feeling of euphoria when you unexpectedly find a record whose music enjoy, and digging through dusty crates as well as meeting people in shops, markets, and homes is an experience valuable in itself.

Collecting is alive and well in Indonesia, with a large number of people noticeably taking interest in collecting records, cds and tapes. Wahyu “Acum” Nugroho, who you may recognize as the bassist of Bangku Taman, is an avid vinyl record collector who has started a project called Gila Vinyl. The project, which currently takes the form of a website, has Acum sharing his experiences looking for records, as well as tips for other collectors.

Most recently Acum wrote a post of his vinyl hunting in Bali – rummaging through a warehouse, shops, and visiting a collector’s home. The stories in Gila Vinyl gives you an idea of what its like to look for records in Indonesia. The narrative personal and often humorous, making browsing the site an easy and enjoyable affair.

Looking  forward to seeing what sort of adventures Mr. Nugroho will experience in his quest for vinyl records.whiteboardjournal, logo