Sex Shop Turned Art Gallery


Sex Shop Turned Art Gallery

by Febrina Anindita


Words: Fransisca Bianca
Photos: Dezeen

With a little dose of magic here and there, apparently what once used to be an illegal sex shop is able to turn into an aesthetic art gallery. Albeit measuring as a rather ‘efficient’ space at just 20 square meters, “Cut” definitely deserves recognition with its impressive room division and soothing choice of tones. Intended to provide space and create an exhibition place out of the town itself, this gallery invites artists in residence as a part of the annual Koganecho Bazaar in Japan.

The gallery attempts to alter the perception of a hidden, negative activity into an open and positive one, and it’s certainly working. Persimmon Hills as the architect bureau responsible for the transition proves that a certain space’s soul heavily relies on the ambience and vibes associated with it. The wall dividing the two rooms of the gallery could almost be seen as an interpretation of how there are two sides to everything, including space, and it all depends on how one chooses to perceive it; positively or negatively.

Art is supposed to be about the rebirth of many emotions, and the alteration of what once was a negative perception of “Cut” into a welcomed one certainly proves it. The redefinition of what once was, and what it has the opportunity to become just goes to show how art is all about a play on perception.whiteboardjournal, logo