Everybody Street (Trailer)


Everybody Street (Trailer)

by wjournal


Life on the street is wildly unpredictable. There is no telling on what will happen next in a place filled with real people, real moment. As such, it has become one of much beloved playgrounds for photographers who pursue visceral rush.

Directed by photographer Cheryl Dunn, Everybody Street is documentary that features well-known street photographers prowling for good shots in America’s most iconic city – New York City.

“All I want to do is take pictures. I don’t care about anything else,” says photographer Bruce Davidson, which basically sum up the entire film. Viewer will be genuinely surprised at the length these photographers would go for a photo. Some welcome with warm smiles while others spew profanities and even resorted to violence when the photographers zoomed in too close, pun intended, into their comfort zone.

Everybody Street showcases the spirit and the art of street photography. For these photographers one expression definitely rings true, that the risk not taken is more dangerous than the risk taken.

Though the distribution of the film hasn’t been confirmed, interested readers can learn more about the film and watch the trailer at the film’s website.

Text by Julius Kensanwhiteboardjournal, logo