The Digital Portfolio

When it comes to showing work online, the artist has several venues to choose from. Generally, it is good practice for many artists to publish work on several platforms to optimize their online presence. The process itself can be quite daunting. In this article, Kriztille Junio details her recommendations on which sites to use when creating a portfolio based on her own personal use.


Roots of the Demopolis

Tama Salim returns with another insightful essay on walking in Jakarta, and this time he highlights various political aspects of the underrated activity. Walking, which he refers to as a "political vehicle," is oftentimes more than the act of simply transporting oneself to a particular destination. With the presidential elections just around the corner, this issue becomes all the more relevant.


Pop Some Tags

In the third part of Dylan Amirio's series on music, he talks about the damaging impact that "labelling" can have on music appreciation. In this essay, he specifically refers to "emo" and how it has often been viewed negatively regardless of the actual quality of the music.


The Digital Art Space

The digital landscape has changed the way an artist makes art and where it is made. The methods that we learn have been vastly reinterpreted to allow for learning materials to exist in a variety of forms from your typical university classroom setting to a digital one with all the advantages of a physical space and more. In this column, Kriztille discusses how online art and design courses function in a digital art space.


The City of Imagination

"Turn those warung into places that people could hang out in and not avert their eyes. Ingrain the concept of alun-alun into under-utilised spaces," writes Tama Salim in the latest addition to his essay series on walking in Jakarta. These are just two of the suggestions that he has for readers who want to make our beloved city into one that can be enjoyed inside and out.


The Elephant in the Room

Sex is not only an activity that takes place behind closed doors, but also a topic often talked about in secrecy. There is a tendency to tip-toe around this rather delicate subject, and though humorous references to sex are not uncommon in daily conversation, its presence in more serious public discourse is rare. How should we approach the elephant in the room?

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