Irama Nusantara (Part 2/3) by The Wknd
11/11/13 · 17,653 Views · Ken Jenie

The second part of David Tarigan’s interview with The Wknd is up and ready to be viewed by you and yours. As we have mentioned in a previous blogpost, The Wknd’s team travelled to Indonesia for over a week to document Jakarta’s independent music scene and will release the videos through out the month of November. There are interviews such as this one and there will be music performances by some of the best current acts.

Back to the subject at hand, part 1 of “Irama Nusantara, Archiving Indonesian Music with David Tarigan” had Tarigan speaking about the Irama Nusantara website and a bit about his experiences as an observer and participant in the music scene. The second part continues with his experiences, starting with the release of JKT:SKRG and his involvement in creating the seminal Aksara Record Releases.

Take a look at the video above, and watch both parts by clicking the link below.

Irama Nusantara, Archiving Indonesian Music with David Tarigan
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