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Jirapah Performs at The Wknd Session
01/14/14 · 20,497 Views · Ken Jenie

Jirapah performed three songs during their performance for the 76th The Weekend Session: Apes, Foxes, and Summer, showcasing a warm, indie rock style.

This Jakarta-based band consists of Ken Jenie (Vocals), Mar Galo (Keyboard), Yudhis Tira (Guitars), Januar Kristianto (Drums), and Nico Gozali (Bass), where their original sound started with songs written by lead vocalist Ken Jenie. With the addition of new band members, Jirapah is forming a more diverse sound with more varieties of influences.

Jirapah creates a fresh new sound with their peculiar rhythm and arrangements, they also look to experiment more on their sound and it’s definitely something to look forward to.

For more information regarding this performance, please visit the link below:

article written by: Cesilia Faustina


The Wknd Session featuring Jirapah official page
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