The Influencers: Hasief Ardiasyah (Rolling Stone Magazine)
10/16/14 · 36,286 Views · Ken Jenie

The Influencers is a new web video series revolving around the creative industry. Created by creative label Vakansi Visual, The Influencers features known individuals from different sectors of the creative industry sharing their experiences and perspectives of their field. The Influencers will hopefully inspire, or at the very least, pique the curiosity of the viewer with the personal insights it shares.

The first episode of the Influencers features Rolling Stone Indonesia’s Executive Director, Hasief Ardiasyah. Having been a part of the magazine since its beginning in Jakarta, Hasief talks about what it takes to be a music journalist, how social media (specifically Twitter) has given him a new approach to gather information, and the collection of set lists he has managed to accumulate from a variety of shows and concerts (you can see in the video he has gotten set lists from White Shoes & The Couples Company, Efek Rumah Kaca, to Muse, and Oasis). Take a look at what he has to say in the 3-minute video, perhaps you will want to be a music journalist.

For the latest updates and to find out more about The Influencers and Vakansi Visual take a look at this link:

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