HMGNC – Today and Forever
05/12/15 · 36,965 Views · wjournal

The name Homogenic should be familiar to followers of Indonesian music. The group has been involved in Bandung’s music scene for over a decade now (established in 2002). With 4 releases under their belt, the group returns as HMGNC, and after intensively preparing their next album the self-described electronic sci-pop group has released a brand new song for their fans and soon to be fans to enjoy.

In collaboration with Papermoon Records, “Today and Forever” is a mid-tempo atmospheric experience, with washes of synth pads enveloping listeners, a steady drum machine in the pocket supporting it, and smooth vocals leading the track with romantic and hopeful lyrics as the centerpiece of the music. The dreamy vibe creates a contemplative mood, with Amandia Syachridar’s silky voice reciting lyrics such as “Asleep and awake, happy and sad, aware and subconscious – with you, with you, with you, I’ve fallen in love with you” in the midst of the instrumentation almost as if the music is in her head – daydreaming of a new love or perhaps an unhealthy passionate obsession. The music ends with the sound of the synths oscillating into a snowball of sound, reaching the climax as if the mood and feelings can no longer be contained nor controlled. “Today and Forever” is a very sweet song, take a listen through the link below, and it is a free download for a limited time, so go to their Soundcloud page and add it into your digital music library.

Also, the group promises to release new songs in the upcoming months in support of their upcoming new album, so keep an eye out.

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