Wacko Maria: Atsuhiko Mori’s Pursuit of Passion
02/04/18 · 15,696 Views · Febrina Anindita

Teks: Ranti Ekaputri
Foto: Hypebeast

Wacko Maria is the brand that despite seems to go with its own flow, has now become a globally-known label through its quirky collections. The Tokyo-based brand has on-point references from cultures such as music and films. Earlier this year, the brand collaborated with Indonesia’s Potato Head Group and has released three shirts which design shows the exoticism of Bali—of course with a touch of Wacko Maria. We had the opportunity to interview the person behind this streetwear brand, Atsuhiko Mori, via e-mail about his insight of the brand and received free-spirited remarks as a response!

You had been playing football in a professional level for 6 years and that wasn’t a short time. Is there any trace left from the time when you were a football player that influences your work in Wacko Maria?
In any occupation, I think that it will be fun if there is love, dream, passion, pursuit, inquiry and adventure.

Music is the source of your inspiration to Wacko Maria. But those two have completely different forms. Could you explain to us how do you translate music into fashion?
I love something imaginable, delusive, in music, in clothes, in pictures, in photography, in architecture, in movies.

How do you see the current trend of clothing nowadays? What does Wacko Maria do to differentiate itself?
I am not particularly interested in it. I just continue doing what I like.

What is your ultimate goal that you are trying to achieve through Wacko Maria?
Groups doing a whole new life as family.

Could you tell us what is interesting from Potato Head that makes you decide to have a collaboration with them?
Although it may be a little, I have been told about the culture of Indonesia, Jakarta, and Bali.
It was fun to be able to meet the people of Potato Head and I thank you very much for everything.

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