Unknown Mortal Orchestra “Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark)” Music Video
03/05/13 · 23,411 Views · Ken Jenie

Eversince it was released late last year with its disturbing image of a bleeding baby’s face, I’ve been bopping my head to Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s “Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark)”, the single to their sophomore album, ‘II’, revolves around a very catchy guitar lick that is complemented by a driven drum – it’s a good listen.

Well now the song has a video to accompany it, and it features masturbating puppets (yes, masturbating puppets). The self-pleasing puppets are only a small (but significant and totally memorable) part of the story of a character going through the motions of self discovery. The creative team did a fine job of making this puppet world come to life – colorful, animated, and detailed.

I didn’t expect the group to couple “Swim and Sleep (Like  a Shark)” with puppets, and with it dealing with adult situations we’re treated to a twisted music video. I like.

Click here to purchase Unknown Mortal Orchestra's 'II' on iTunes
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