Awaiting Everything Now


Awaiting Everything Now

by Febrina Anindita


Words: Fransisca Bianca
Photos: NME

The long wait for brand new sounds from Arcade Fire, whose last album was well received back in 2013, finally reaches its end. The announcement for the upcoming album Everything Now finally draws some sense into the speculations over the buildup that had been created recently, such as a redirection from their website into a mysterious live-stream and a Tweet signaling the arrival of an “infinite content.”

The titular song itself is said to speak of the now-ness of life. How there should be a captured sensation of living in the now, in spite of all its flaws and for all its glory. Certainly an up-to-date rendition of celebrating the present, Everything Now definitely spreads the always-sought-after feeling of embracing life as it is. Perhaps this very vibrant emotion spread with each tune is just what’s worth anticipating their return for.whiteboardjournal, logo