Paccbet Takes on California


Paccbet Takes on California

by Febrina Anindita


Words: Fransisca Bianca
Photos: 032c

A symbol of new talents, perspectives, and definitely a new scene, Russia’s ‘dawn’ of skateboarding named Paccbet ventures out to California. In this search for freedom and inspiration, new vibes for Paccbet’s creative endeavors, California’s urban skateboarding landscapes definitely didn’t disappoint, as a collaborative film was shot with peers from the American skate-scene.

Paccbet itself may be seen as a realization of how urban sports such as skateboarding doesn’t stray far from the search of creativity and inspiration. With its aim to grow past borders, perhaps its apparent aim to turn the world into its very own playground through the search of endless new scenes shows just how inspiration comes from the present, not the past. And perhaps this is the way Paccbet as an urban community evolves itself and fusions with its own definition of creativity. whiteboardjournal, logo