Rich Chigga Meets Nardwuar


Rich Chigga Meets Nardwuar

by Febrina Anindita


Words: Fransisca Bianca
Photos: Time

Nardwuar, the infamous Canadian interviewer meets with Indonesia’s viral rap sensation Rich Chigga to talk about rubik’s cubes, his neighbor’s goats, his former child-star sister, and finally his escalating carrier. By also presenting the teenaged Indonesian rapper with various gifts from a gangster-style ring to a record of tracks from Indonesian retro musicians, Nardwuar takes viewers to a deeper and more personal side of Rich Chigga.

Nardwuar’s comedic approach and sudden burst of questions and information on the rapper’s previously unknown personal details certainly compliments Rich Chigga’s rather chilled and cool persona. Rich Chigga also explains his preference to rap in English rather than Indonesian, since he feels that it’s a better way of expressing things. Even so, the rocketing rapper’s constant gain of attention through the Internet still undoubtedly does one hell of a job bringing the Indonesian music scene into worldwide recognition.whiteboardjournal, logo