The Kinda Sutra: Misconception About Conception


The Kinda Sutra: Misconception About Conception

by wjournal


Academy award winner director Jessica Yu delivers a short comedic documentary composed of interviews with people telling us how they thought babies were made when they were kids – from humans being asexual creatures to being delivered by a white angle, this is an 8-minute video you do not want to miss! It’s entertaining, funny, and good at the same time.

As a kid, the topic of baby conception is not a topic you speak freely to anyone. And any thoughts you have on the subject, usually when you want to ask someone if it is true, you get embarrassed. It is not spoken about as a child. But when you get older and learn the truth it becomes a humorous thing to talk about. One of the interviewees was even scared at one point of his life to do the number two because he didn’t want to flush down a baby when doing it.

Just in case you still do not know how babies are made, skip the video to the end and hear the kids talk. They will explain it to you in the simplest and most innocent manner, like any 5 year old would, how babies are conceived step by step.

Jessica worked on this together with illustrator Nathan Reifke to let the stories told by the interviewees be illustrated and animated. The title Kinda Sutra must have been taken from the ancient Indian sexual behavior script, the Kama Sutra – hence the Indian looking animation and room setup.

Almost everyone has a funny story about how they thought babies were conceived. But the well-respected director of TV series such as Grey’s Anatomy, Jessica Yu, has successfully brought the long forgotten stories we kept to ourselves for many, many years.

Text by Raven Navarowhiteboardjournal, logo