Trusting Translations
When the Foreign Turns into the Familiar
Reading translated works sometimes makes us wonder if we are not being lied to, or in any way cheated by the translator. In this situation, the only plausible thing to do would be to simply trust the professionals who give readers more books and essays to choose from. On another note, what should readers look for in translations?
Author Dwiputri Pertiwi · Photo/Illustration Andri Nirmala
03/10/2013 · 29,340 Views
Dwiputri Pertiwi
When Dwiputri Pertiwi is not writing or taking pictures for Whiteboard Journal, she spends most of her time in bookstores. Her interests include photography, literature, the Japanese and Korean languages, as well as different kinds of Asian calligraphy. Though currently based in Jakarta, she still wants to move around a few more times before settling down.
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