The Sound of Anime
Part One of Look to Listen
As an anime and music enthusiast, Dylan Amirio laments over the fact that "music is an underutilized aspect of anime." He believes that music has to the power to attract more people of diverse interests to various anime series. In the first part of "Look to Listen," Dylan's series on music, he shares his favorite anime soundtracks.
Author Dylan Amirio · Photo/Illustration Andri Nirmala
03/13/14 · 25,996 Views
Dylan Amirio
Dylan Amirio is a music nerd, a glitch in the system and a cub reporter for The Jakarta Post, who claims that there is always a song or three playing in his head at every given moment. Spending six days of the week writing about the real world, he also writes opinion pieces on various topics on his unorganized blog, and occasionally makes electronic music under the name Logic Lost.
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