Emerging Interactive Art
More Than Just a Game
In her first essay, Kriztille Junio described how an artist's tools evolve in the digital age. Now, she returns to explore an interactive medium: the video game. As an art medium, video games, provide the artist with a lush possibility for both storytelling and gameplay, and in turn allow the artist to create something more than just games.
Author Kriztille Junio · Photo/Illustration Kriztille Junio
03/04/2014 · 31,036 Views
Kriztille Junio
Kriztille Junio is a NYC based graphic designer, part-time adventurer, and avid tea drinker with a passion for art and design. She has a penchant for photography, video games, and collecting postcards. When Kriztille isn't a full-time productive member of society, she spends most of her time in bed wrapped like a burrito.
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