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Whiteboard Journal is the definitive online destination for a creative lifestyle community. We give both national and international audience an access to daily news coverage, in-depth reviews and features on the scope of fashion, music, movies, art & design, entertainment, publication, technology, food & drink, travel, culture and general interest.


Published from Jakarta, Indonesia, the team seeks to gather contents from every corner of the world and develop a certain unique perspective for our readership. From Jakarta to New York and Amsterdam, some of the most talented and high profile individuals have shown their contribution in writing and photography for the journal, making it as the online magazine that is quite unlike your general news feed.


We have approximately 20 contributors from all over the world: Melbourne, Chicago, New York, Sydney, Singapore, London, Amsterdam, and many more. Their talent and passion for art are highly appreciated and are captured on our site pages.




Editor in Chief Max Suriaganda
Editors Ken Jenie
Editorial Assistant Muhammad Hilmi
Febrina Anindita
Music Editor Bergas Haryadita
Chandra Drews
Ken Jenie
Marketing & Sales Taufan Irawan
Design Max Suriaganda
Design Assistant Clarysha Amabel
Photographer Samuel Evander





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We are a multi-disciplinary Creative Consulting Agency, whose vision of the future is built on fresh ideas. An idea can transform the world and re-write all the rules. We believe that being and doing the unexpected makes for memorable experiences.


Cereal Nation
Cereal Nation is a children’s line designed by Studio 1212. The products offered ranges from apparel, shoes, posters and special edition storybooks.


W_Space is a multipurpose venue providing sample space for a variety of functions rangin from art exhibitions, seminars and training, product launching and press events.