exi(s)t#4 THE FOOD FILES


exi(s)t#4 THE FOOD FILES

by Muhammad Hilmi


exhibition opening: 13th nov 2015 at 7.00 pm
artist talk: 13th nov 2015 at 4.30 pm
venue: dia.lo.gue kemang selatan 99ajakarta 12730

artists: • ayu larasati • ayu dila martina • cempaka surakusumah • fransisca retno • januar rianto • faisal rahman ursalim • grace joetama • ruth amerina marbun • wangsit firmantika

performance by: Faisal Rahman Ursalim & Fransisca Retno

The Exi(s)t programme, first initiated in 2011, aims at creating an opportunity for young Jakarta-based artists to participate in a series of workshop as well as an exhibition with a specific curatorial topic.

The overarching theme of food in Exi(s)t #4 invites the artists and visitors to reflect upon this primary need, which, within the urban lifestyle of Jakarta, also acts as a form of entertainment. Discussions about food cannot be separated from the larger spectrum of production, distribution and consumption processes with all their manifold problems. Political, social, and cultural backgrounds also shape our perceptions on food, which make themselves evident, for instance, in our preferences over certain foodstuffs. This exhibition presents artistic perspectives that unpack the issues surrounding food and the act of eating.

curator: mitha budhyarto & evelyn huang

exhibition period: 14th nov – 13th decwhiteboardjournal, logo