by Febrina Anindita


Little Shop of Horrors is a project that Natasha Gabriella Tontey (NGT) made during her residency in Koganecho Bazaar 2015 in Yokohama, Japan. Where she collected the local fears and morphed them into today’s amusement, a conceptual shop as the artwork. In order to exchange the knowledge of fear, explores the possibilities of retail as medium, and each items are carefully handpicked and cultivated and reconstructed through daily life conversation, the horror traces of the city and the myth.

Shifting this project to Jakarta, Little Shop of Horrors will explores the psychodynamics of cannibal fantasies in a special capsule collection with Footurama Freeform Fabrication.

This time there will be Ken Jenie & Dipha Barus to response her idea into their music which will be available in cassette tape.

There will be special performances by Ken Jenie & Krazy Kosmic Kid, also music by Baldi, Bergas, Mar, and Moustapha Spliff the skilled human disrememberer.

In collaborations with Elia Nurvista & Chandra Drews, a following performative dinner ‘FRESH FLESH FEAST’ or ‘Makan Mayit’ in Bahasa Indonesia that will be held exclusively for 13 participants only:

Saturday 28th 2017 – 19.00 PM

The dishes will be served in frightful names. The tickets will be available on the opening day for IDR 350.000,- or pre-sale until the 28th for IDR 295.000,-. whiteboardjournal, logo