Lookats Market 2013: Retroravers


Lookats Market 2013: Retroravers

by Dwiputri Pertiwi


When Old Meets New When Retro Meets Rave! is the theme of this year’s Lookats Market 2013. The retrorave will give different vibe to the creative industry youngsters and of course, fashion lovers in Indonesia with these nine elements:

Retrorave! An Urban Revival!

The Upper-Siders Outdoor Festival!

Curated Indie Creations!

Rooftop Retrorave Eatery!

Indoe Party Acts!

Retrorave Art Exposition!

Retro Tunes, Rave Tunes, All In!

Rooftop Cinemas by BCCF

Lookats Space


More information:

Twitter: @LOOKATSmarket
Website: www.lookatsmarket.com


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