Sunday Market Vol.06: May Day (Day 2)


Sunday Market Vol.06: May Day (Day 2)

by wjournal


Sunday Market is a conceptual market which combining four elements : Fashion, Music, Art and Good Food blending into one packed of entertainment. Held in Surabaya Town Square, designed and merchandised to meet the needs of buyers of moderate, better and contemporary collections.

with performances by:

Hightime Rebellion


– 94 booth of selected tenants
– Flea / Label Market
– Good Food Market
– Farmer’s Market : Strawberry Fields Forever & Cactus Stall – Ayorek! corner
– Cooking Class : Simple Sandwich for Workers – Workers Photo Booth
– Group Discussion by Creative Weekend
– The Sunday Paper
– Record Market by Music Trade
– Toys Collector Showcase curated by Plastic Culture
– Sunday Market Radio (Live Streaming)
– Launching: Friday “Sitting on Anything Cold” (Reissue Album) by Sunday Market Records – Green Sands Toys Photo Contest
– Children Playgroundwhiteboardjournal, logo