Focusing on Excellence


Focusing on Excellence

Getting Persional with Lee Cooper's Makers

by Dwiputri Pertiwi


Lee Cooper returns with another installation of their “Meet the Makers” campaign, still featuring Ykha Amelz and Ken Jenie, the two chosen “makers” from Indonesia. The A/W 2013 collection has a distinct focus on heritage workwear pieces such as the washed denim shirt with embroidery finishes and the well-crafted Japanese denim jeans. As a nod to their English heritage, they also bring along classic pieces such as the Fair Isle pullover sweater and Union Jack elbow patches.

The Meet the Makers campaign is where Lee Cooper chooses a number of people who are highly respectable in their own field to be its brand ambassadors. It aims to be a new platform to showcase unseen, undiscovered talent and present them in style to new audiences. Both “makers” selected for this season have values that are similar to Lee Cooper – namely quality.

As an internationally acclaimed illustrator, Ykha has a keen eye for visuals, but when it comes to finding inspiration she does not just look at the shell of an object, but also the mood the object brings. Each of her illustration is made with passion that shows on the final output. With her signature style of drawing, she has gained many high profile clients like Nylon and Harper’s Bazaar.

While Ken, vocalist and guitarist of the New York-born band, Jirapah, also makes his craft with heart and full dedication. He usually starts his tune with the idea in his head and continues onto what feels right for the song. The eclectic sounds he delivers gets attention and praises from cities worldwide.

As creative individuals, Yhka and Ken share a similar taste in a number of things. One of them being their interest in antiques. Not just old stuff – items considered as antiques here are items that comes with a history and background, it has to have a story behind it, a story from the previous owner most likely.

A place like Jalan Surabaya is a perfect place for Yhka and Ken to find inspiration from; books, vinyls, and goods from the ones before us left behind by “makers” from previous generations.

Like any other maker, Ykha and Ken also find the need to be in a more relaxed environment, where they can focus more on their craft in their own way. But once in a while they also need to present their work to the masses, to let the public literally meet the makers. It might not be the person directly, but to be connected with the work is sometimes the only way some “makers” can connect to their audience.

Although Meet the Makers is a campaign, it is much more than that. If you look past the people and the clothes, it is a reflection of what Lee Cooper once was, a company started by “makers”. That is why Lee Cooper tries their best to support other makers who are pursuing their personal visions.

Lee Cooper A/W 2013 is a collection made with hope and dreams. Meet the Makers was started for the same reason. It is the same philosophy the company has tried passing on for over a century. For the makers, by the makers.

For more details on the campaign and products, visit Lee Cooper’s website and Facebook page.whiteboardjournal, logo