Home Is Where the Furniture Is

by Dwiputri Pertiwi


“Home is where the heart is,” is not an uncommon phrase. It implies an emotional bond that a person has with his or her private dwelling. But as sweet as the saying might seem, the heart might not be enough to mark what we would like to call “home.” There are times when we need objects – or better yet, functional ones – to reassure us that we have a place to go back to.

Home may be where the heart is, but it is also where the furniture belongs.

Moje, a furniture store that specializes in vintage and industrial-style items, offers coziness in the form of tables, shelves, cabinets, and many others. Though the owner, Theresa, and her team accept various kinds of requests from their clients, they still strive to maintain their signature style. Clients can also take their time to browse the items craftily arranged in Moje’s showroom, which was established in 2010.

The decision to start Moje was triggered by two main things: A deep interest in used objects as well as a desire to make high quality goods that is accessible to the local market. Theresa and her husband are passionate collectors of old objects, particularly those that are often labeled as “vintage” goods. Their hobby eventually motivated them to open up a store, but it is, of course, not the sole reason to start a new business.

Theresa lamented over the fact most high-quality goods made in Indonesia are reserved for foreign markets while locals have to either settle with the leftovers or “buy them back” as imported goods. To try and solve this situation, Theresa aims to produce furniture that will appeal to those residing in Indonesia – most of whom are young and live in small apartments.

But the real selling point of Moje still lies in the strong character of its products. What makes the pieces of furniture available at Moje so unique is that they are primarily made from recycled materials. So long as these materials are handled correctly, the end products will not be negatively affected. In addition to having a furniture line that is very distinctive, maximizing the usage of recycled materials also has environmental benefits.

Interestingly, though Moje prioritizes the utilization of recycled goods, Theresa is very aware of the furniture business’s similarity to the fashion industry in that they are both heavily dependent on trends. It is definitely not easy to keep up with the constantly shifting interests of the market while simultaneously maintaining the fixed ideals of the company.

The current trend in furniture is closely linked with the booming cafe culture that is very visible in many parts of Jakarta. Moje supplies many of these cafes with the sets of furniture that would make customers feel comfortable. The effect of this cafe phenomenon is that many young people want to recreate the comfortable atmosphere in their own kitchen or living room. And because of this, Moje’s services have become highly sought after.

Although the fleeting nature of trends is often considered to be negative, change is an inevitable element in our daily lives. In the past, heavily ornamented furniture was high in demand but these days the more rustic type appears to be more popular. There seems to a lot that can be learned about society by studying what people choose to fill their homes with, as well as what they discard. Home may be where the heart is, but it is also where we store a lot of other important things.

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