Recipes for You with AysHealthyAsCanBe


Recipes for You with AysHealthyAsCanBe

Make Your Own Greek Grilled Chicken and Quinoa Salad with Lemon Dressing

by Ken Jenie


With the awareness of healthy living is developing worldwide, the significance of healthy food is also becoming more popular. Terms like Gluten-free, Paleo, and Mayo diet are some of the most popular words of the year 2014. This phenomenon introduced a new trend, and soon enough, this trend has already made its impact; the numbers of healthy food diet kiosks, restaurants and caterings are growing swiftly. Now, it is so easy to find options for healthy food or even to have special diet catering service delivery. “Ayshealthyascanbe” is oneof the names in this business. Known for its mayo diet menu which contributes to fascinating results, Ayshealthyascanbe certainly is a reliable name in the healthy catering business.

To Kushandari Arfanidewi-the initiator of Ayshealthyascanbe, this was never meant to be this serious business at its beginning. To this day, Ayshealthyascanbe is based in her Instagram account and word of mouth. It’s started as a menu that she made for herself, “Couple years back, I started to read about mayo diet for the health of my own body. But when I search for mayo diet catering service, the price was out of my reach. So, I started cooking for my own diet, soon after that, my friends who saw my menu begun asking me to cook for them” Ay said. From the circle of her friends, the brand started to grow, one of the main factors behind this growth was Ayshealthyascanbe’s incredible before-after testimony photo from her customer. Many of them, post successful weight loss pictures on instagram just after a week on Ayshealthyascanbe’s diet. And this vibe continues to grow to a certain level, where now, local celebrities are some of Kushandari’s loyal customers. Now, Kushandari serves up to 100 customers per-day all around Jakarta. Her customers ranges from the early 30’s to senior employees, and also highschool students-another proof of how the awareness of healthy living is around the city.

What makes Ayshealthyascanbe an exception among other healthy catering services is that, every month, Kushandari includes a mix cd along with the food. And it’s not just a mixtape that accompanies the food, the mixtape is special. Every month, Kushandari collaborate with certain person-usually musician to select the songs and artist to work on the cover of the CD. Dimas Ario, Mondo Gascaro, Monica Hapsari, Dimas Brodjonegoro are some musician/artist that she worked with to do the mixtape. “I used to be a musician, and making these mixtapes is just my way to continue what I was doing in the past, and it is fun! I get to work with some of my favourite artists and musicians.” Kushandari explains the reason behind the mixtapes.

Ayshealthyascanbe is no longer just a personal project. Now with a team behind her, Kushandari is trying to make the brand into a more proper state, “Right now, I’m looking forward to make a website because people starting to ask about it, and I’m also looking to the chance of making some kind of books regarding this diet food”, Kushandari.

Greek Grilled Chicken Recipe

– Chicken breast
– Yoghurt
– Garlic
– Olive oil
– Lemon zest
– Orange zest
– Basil
– Blackpepper
– Seasalt

Cleanse the chicken breast and pat on it so that the chicken is not so bulky. Scrub on the chicken with sea salt and wash it with clean water.

Grill the chicken without oil until it get some colour on it (so that it won’t look pale), drain it on a pyrex.

Marinate the chicken with yoghurt, garlic, olive oil, dill, lemon zest, orange zest, black pepper, sea salt and leave it for 30 minutes.

Close the pyrex with aluminium foil, heat it on the oven on 200 degrees for 30 minutes.

Let the chicken rest 5 minutes before serving.

Quinoa Salad with Lemon Dressing Recipe

– Salad Mix
– Feta cheese
– Black olives
– Cherry tomato
– Quinoa

Lemon dressing (a mix of lemon juice, olive oil, mixed black pepper, feta cheese, sea salt, pepper and dill)

Cook the quinoa with chicken stock, a tea spoon of olive oil, pepper and sea salt until the quinoa become transparent. Leave it for 3 minutes.

Mix the quinoa with salad mix, add some black olives and cherry tomato

Pour the lemon dressing on it.whiteboardjournal, logo