Homeshake for The First Concert in 2018


Homeshake for The First Concert in 2018

Brought to Jakarta by Studiorama and noisewhore, Homeshake is known for providing sexy tunes for chilling or doing nothing.

by Febrina Anindita


It’s always somehow fun to watch gigs or concerts in Rossi Musik despite its humid environment. On Friday night of January 19th, people seemed to ignore the fact that the air conditioners were not functioning and made the building even warmer with sweat and shout. It was Homeshake that made these people gathered and excited. Brought to Jakarta by Studiorama and noisewhore, this unit is known for providing sexy tunes for chilling or doing nothing.

A couple hours before the band hit the stage, Plural and Rayssa Dynta opened the night with dark yet sweet performance. But it took less than 30 minutes for Homeshake got up to the stage and created a parade of sing-alongs with smooth playlist. Right before they started the show, the room was pitch black as Peter Sagar requested. Little that we know, that night was not murky at all, because with catchy album like “Fresh Air,” it’s easy to make anyone feel relaxed and suffice to say, hugged by good music.

Numbers such as, “Hello Welcome,” “Khmlwugh,” and “Call Me Up” made one, two or many lovebirds dance through the night or maybe cry when “Not U” was played. Hats off to Peter cs for performing maximally although we all know how packed the tour is. It was a great night and we even got time to meet Peter for a quick interview! Read it below.

Having exposed to lo-fi indie music scene, how has the experience influenced your musical style with Homeshake?
I think I’m comfortable with making lo-fi things but I’m not really interested in it anymore so if anything, its making me try to make fancier sounding music (laugh).

Why? You got bored?
Ah, just the way I feel. You do the same thing for a long time, you want a change.

So, records in the future will be different for Homeshake?
Yes. Hopefully they’re always different.

Not a lot of people could combine two contrasting genres well. Homeshake, on the other hand, is another story. Was it intentional that you guys try to incorporate a touch of RnB feeling to the techno-pop-nuanced music that you make?
No, I think, I don’t really try too hard to do anything in particular as kind of, make the sounds and stuffs as they come to me instead. So, yeah, nothing is really on purpose. I kind of let things happen and then like, find the tune until I’m happy.

But you like RnB?
I listen to it a lot, so it’s in there, I’m sure. But it’s not like it’s a conscious decision.

Many have praised the content of your latest album, “Fresh Air,” as genuine and introspective. Was there a particular milestone during the production?
No, it kind of, didn’t have any milestone. Everything was very calm the whole time, it was nice. It was a really organic and natural process.

Do you think “Fresh Air” has a different style than the other albums or something?
Yeah, it is something, for sure. Which I was happy with, when it was finished.

We are curious whether or not, you’re a Black Mirror fan. About the music video concept for “Getting Down Pt II (He’s Cooling Down),” was it an accidental foreshadowing to the show’s latest season or was it completely an exploration of absurdity?
No. My friend, Pierce McGarry made it. I didn’t really have much to do with it except for the part that shows hills on the other side of Canada, and he just had our friend came over and filmed me, like, in different angles in front of a green screen and then he just made it. I didn’t have a whole lot to do with that one (laugh). I do like that video a lot, I think it’s better than Black Mirror. I like a couple of the episodes, though, but mostly I really can’t stand it.

Would you say that the Asian Tour you’re doing now will inspire you, in some way, and play a part on your upcoming projects?
Yeah. I mean, probably. I don’t know. I don’t really know.whiteboardjournal, logo