Discussing the Creative Industry with Toby Meadows


Discussing the Creative Industry with Toby Meadows

Leonard Theosabrata talks to Toby Meadows

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Roundtable Session Vol.16: Toby Meadows

Toby Meadows is a London-based consultant specialized in fashion. He founded and directs Three’s Company Creative Consultancy,focusing on fashion, design, and lifestyle. Being the industry’s insider, he also give lectures in the London College of Fashion, giving insights on the latests in the business. On 2009 his book, How to Set Up and Run a Fashion Label was published, became a best seller, and was translated into 6 languages. His experience with big fashion brands such as Gap, Topshop, Zara, Ralph Lauren, and Gucci gained him the knowledge and the network inside the industry, making the book a perfect guide to new talents in fashion design. Meadows is currently working as a consultant in the a business incubator in London that supports emerging design talents in fashion.

With his work periodically involving travelling to Indonesia, Toby Meadows visitedWhiteboard Journal’s headquarters in Kemang and shared his observation and knowledge of Indonesia’s creative industry with our host Leonard Theosabrata.

Whiteboard Journal Roundtable Vol.16: Toby Meadows

Hosted by: Leonard Theosabrata
Director of Photography: Heru Admadja
Editor: Ken Jenie
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