Discussing Design with Kenya Hara


Discussing Design with Kenya Hara

Leonard Theosabrata interviews designer Kenya Hara

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Roundtable Session Vol.17: Kenya Hara

Kenya Hara is a name that is legendary in many design circles. A graphic designer and curator, Hara is perhaps best known as the art director of lifestyle brand Muji, but his contributions extend much beyond that. His book, Designing Design, is famous detailing the subject of “emptiness” in which Kenya Hara applies Japan’s tradition and philosophy into his design methodology. Hara also designed the opening and closing ceremony programs for the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympic Games, and works as Muji’s creative director (since 2001) and has collaborated with Kenzo. He is the founder of the Hara Design Institute

Whiteboard Journal had the opportunity to talk to Kenya Hara during Jakarta’s premier design convention: Design ID. After giving a presentation highlighting how he applies his philosophy to his design, our host, Leonard Theosabrata got together with Hara and ask him about how he approaches design and, being that it is his first time in Indonesia, his opinion on his observations of Indonesia.

Whiteboard Journal Roundtable Vol.17: Kenya Hara

Hosted by: Leonard Theosabrata
Director of Photography: Heru Admadja
Editor: Ken Jenie
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