Polka Wars


Setlist Vol.06: Polka Wars

Polka Wars, which joined the dynamic Jakarta music scene in the beginning of 2010, is one of the bands that attempts to present something new. And though their music is not the kind that would be perfect to accompany you on a slow, Sunday afternoon, the volume of the combined sounds of guitars, drums, and recently, a saxophone, evokes strong emotions without draining your energy. Though they've been active for over two years, in 2012 the group consisting of principal members Karaeng Adjie, Giovanni Rahmadeva, Xandega Tahajuansya & Billy Saleh gained a lot of attention from the media, concert organizers and avid music goers. We invited Polka Wars to perform at Studio Taman on a Sunday afternoon. Enlisting the help of noisemaker Sawi Lieu to play the synth and Gerinov to play the saxophone, Polka Wars performance brought a full and lively rendition of their momentum-driven music. [featured caption="Setlist Vol.06: Polka Wars"] [/featured]

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