Heart Attack

Heart Attack

Vol.20: Prabu Pramayougha

I, Prabu Pramayougha, apologize in advance to ruin the mood of exhibiting "hard music" in this installment of Heart Attack. Really sorry that my musical taste isn't "hard" enough. But, Jan asked me to do this. So as a friend, I did my best for it. Please don't get mad at him too. About the playlist, um nothing special. I just put my favorite Japanese pop punk songs into one playlist. Why Japanese bands? Because they sound really catchy and different. Without any irony, I really love how they manage to keep the vocal harmony along with their struggle to pronounce their style of intelligible English. That thing caught my heart completely. That's simply why. No further exaggerated pretentious my-playlist-is-so-cool explanation. Hope you all can sing along to these songs. Yep! P.S : No Hi-Standard & Shonen Knife. Sorry, last.fm enthusiasts. 01. the-dudoos - das sportfest 02. Husking Bee - Anchor 03. supersnazz - words of love 04. Captain Hedge Hog - You Don't Know How My Feel 05. Short Circuit - My Favorite Time 06. Beat Crusaders - Be My Wife 07. Felix the Band - Everywhere You Go 08. Cigaretteman - untitled 09. The Nerdy Jugheads - My Head is Killing Me 10. The Dazes - Candy 11. Seventeen Again - Nobody Knows My Song

Heart Attack

Vol.19: Achmad Bagoes

My apologies for the super late turn-out as I'm heavily occupied by tons of work from the office, it's been mad hectic in the past couple few weeks back. But let's forget about that shall we, because it's the 18th instalment of Heart Attack and this time we have Achmad Bagoes, who's already a familiar figure in the heart of Jakarta's hardcore/punk scene. Bagoes (or also known as Ajus), performs in multiple different bands such as Final Attack, Raincoat, Sense of Pride, Braveheart and many more. His energy & enthusiasm towards hardcore are undoubtedly recognisable, through Heart Attack he shares to us some of his personal favorite tracks from some of his favorite hardcore bands. Check it out! 01. The Suicide File - The Edge of Town 02. No Choice in This Matter - The reason of existing 03. Carry On - The View 04. Ten Yard Fight - Action speak 05. Kid Dynamite - Pits and Poisoned Apple 06. The Promise - My True Love 07. Ceremony - Kersed 08. Bane - Ante up 09. D.S.13 - media blitz(the germs cover) 10. Section 8 - Here Comes the Parade 11. Justice - Light in the Dark 12. Trial - For The Kids 13. Terror - Keep Your Distance 14. This Routine is Hell - The Desperate Sway 15. Stop and Think - Get Lost (2nd Demo) 16. American Nightmare - Please Die! 17. Shark Attack - C.C.P 18. Another Breath - Token 19. Ruiner - That Stone Better Be On Fire 20. No Warning - My World

Heart Attack

Vol.17: Januar Kristianto

The holidays are over and without further due, I'd like to welcome y'all to the 17th installment of Heartattack! This playlist might be the "softest" jam so far, as I'll include some electronic/synth-based sounds while still keeping the usual tracks built for the program. Lately I've been listening to heaps of other stuff besides punk, so I figure it'd be a pretty interesting mix to throw in as I find similarity between early days of electronic music & punk, where both resemble equal spirit of invention. Another obvious trait would be repetition, because without it there wouldn't be any interesting layers to play, right? Enjoy! Tracklist: 01. Devo - Devo Corporate Anthem 02. The Spits - Police 03. Flesh World - A Trip to the Living Ice Age 04. Ivy - Cave Business 05. Bad Noids - The Ones 06. L.O.T.I.O.N. - Goodbye Humans 07. Gelandeterror - Es Ist Vollbracht 08. Hexentanz - Coven 09. Anasazi - Samsara 10. Belgrado - Jeszcze Raz 11. The Victims - Perth is a Culture Shock 12. Hank Wood & The Hammerheads - This World is Beat 13. Fad Gadget - Salt Lake City Sunday 14. Suicide - Johnny 15. The Chameleons - Up Down the Escalator 16. Absolute Body Control - Baby's on Fire (Brian Eno Cover)

Heart Attack

Vol.16: Hilman Fathoni

Unlike the majority of glitz & blitz that make up our modern world, hardcore music remains shrouded in mystery, especially when it comes to Cleveland. We talk so much about the DC scene, the Boston scene and of course the New York Scene, but the Clevo scene? not so much. Aside from being home to the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland is also home to some of America's most controversial hardcore bands (e.g Integrity, One Life Crew). In this 16th installment of Heart Attack, my good friend Hilman Fathoni will share to you some of his favorite hardcore/punk jams from the beating heart of Cleveland, enjoy! -- American hardcore music has tons of various musical style. From each region, they bring their own tone & emotion, and I think it always depends on what happens around their neighbourhood. Earlier this year I had a conversation through Facebook with my Richmond friend, Sam Roberts. And we talked about how much Clevo has brought influences to my band. Then I did a short research about Cleveland bands from clues that Sam told me about. I found out that bands such as h100s, 9 Shocks Terror, Darvocets until the recent ones like Wetbrain & Prison Moan sort of giving me the same vibes like some of my favorite Chicago bands such as Los Crudos, Raw Nerve, or the almighty Charles Bronson. So that's basically the story of how I discovered yet adored Cleveland bands, within one night. So I'm just gonna call this mix Cleveland in One Night (or Cleveland Satu Malam in Indonesian). Long live the Erbas! PS: Recently a great documentary piece which discusses about the aforementioned subscene entitled "Destroy Cleveland" just came out this year, so I suppose this can be some sort of celebration to one of important pages in American hardcore history! Tracklist: 1. 9 Shocks Terror – Screw This Town 2. Avon Ladies – Power Failure 3. Bad Noids – Poison In The Kitchen 4. Cheap Tragedies – Sheppard To Lost Sheep 5. Confront – Right In The Eye 6. Darvocets – Space Shuttle 7. Fat Vegan - Pupusa 8. Flyin’ Trichecos – Tri-Tri-Trichecho 9. Gordon Solie Motherfuckers! - Burning Thrash Spirit / Open Letter to Cleveland Pigs 10. H100S – Destroy Cleveland 11. Inmates – HRAH!!! 12. Integrity – Release The Fiend 13. Lucha Eterna – Guerra 14. One Life Crew – Our Scene, Your Fear 15. Party Plates – Kidnapping Quatro 16. Prison Moan – Skin For Skin 17. Ringworm- Endless Cycles 18. Stray Dogs – Bucket List 19. Upstab - Greetin's Creetins 20. Wetbrain – They Live

Heart Attack

Vol.15: Januar Kristianto

Holy crap, it's been like what? a year already? I seriously never thought of having my own music channel until Ken asked me to. Bear in my mind that I love doing this because I dig the whole music-sharing experience which stems from a personal satisfaction of exploring new stuff on daily basis, just like how much I love hearing what my contributors has to offer on their playlist. So from there, Heartattack is born with multiple clicks, endless noises, cuts and guts, the rest is pretty much history. The discovery factor within punk will always be one of so many key-defining factors on why it survives after all these time. Everytime I browse, or maybe talk to someone about it, I always find out more and more unknown bands or scenes which amazes me so much. But I guess that's the prime beauty of it, there's this some sort of mysterious quality embeeded in that particular world. The familiar feeling you can obtain when you discover rare books at the book fair or something, punk is and will always remain buried in the gutter, waiting to be found. In this 15th installment of Heartattack, I'll share to you some of my personal favorite tracks as well as new discoveries that I've made in the past couple weeks. I probably should stop talking, yeah I thought so. Enjoy! 01. Dawn of Humans - Mangled Puzzle 02. Soma Coma - Imperial Dick 03. Bloodkrow Butcher - Anti-War 04. Failures - Parents 05. Nomad - 戦い 06. Koro - Selfless 07. S.H.I.T. - A Look At Tomorrow (Discharge Cover) 08. Other Women - Workday 09. Lubricant - Vengeance 10. Crazy Spirit - They Sleep Easy 11. Poison Idea - Pure Hate 12. The Coneheads - 'Notha Thing 13. Nuclear Spring - Crisis 14. Raw Nerve - I'm A Cliché (X-Ray Spex Cover) 15. Detergents - Dark Days 16. Eddy Current Suppression Ring - You Let Me Be Honest With You 17. Catholic Spit - Devil's Pact 18. Generacion Suicida - Mierda Ciudad 19. Pisse - 3D Brille 20. Total Control - Systematic Fuck 21. L.O.T.I.O.N. - Militarized Urban Zone 22. Captive - Love Is The Law 23. Venom P. Stinger - Hell Street

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