Get Head Over Heels with Amanda Rizkita


Get Head Over Heels with Amanda Rizkita

Counting your last days of 2019 with this roller-coaster mix.

by Whiteboard Journal


Seven years ago, Amanda Rizkita started her social media-based retail project Popdropshop from Singapore, arguably way before the jastip fever took off in Indonesia. After graduating from college, she decided that she wanted a proper job, hence putting her passion project aside and dabbled in various areas of work from fashion marketing, insurance sales and fintech sales until ultimately settling on her second passion, the IT industry. 

In the last Selected of the year, Amanda has made this mix a few months ago when she just started and was still head over heels for her role in cybersecurity. To her, everything felt light and airy, before it morphed into something more certain and concrete. “Talk about new hope materializing!”

1. Sonoko – Danse Avec La Tristesse
2. Bon Voyage Organisation – Fengtai Lullabye
3. Larry Heard – Romantic Sway
4. Keysha – Stop It!
5. Apiento – Things You Do For Love
6. Optik – Illusion
7. Liminal – Open Deadlines
8. Helium III – Waiting 4 U
9. Seb Wildblood – Mmm
10. Jesse Futerman – Vista
11. Sattle – Banana Walk
12. Future Beat Alliance – Broken Promise (John Tejada remix)
13. Todd Osborn – We Gonna Jak
14. Matt Tolfrey – Jazz Hands (wAFF Remix)
15. Substance – Countdown
16. Peach – Silky
17. Bell Towers – My Body Is A Temple
18. Bwana – Annex, 90
19. Fila Brazillia – Mermaidswhiteboardjournal, logo