Pamungkas Presents “Live Forever”


Pamungkas Presents “Live Forever”

It’s time to live a little for a bit

by Whiteboard Journal


One could never stress enough about the importance of me-time. Or just a pause from everything that has been going on. A little time off won’t hurt anybody.

This sentiment is also echoed by Pamungkas for this new edition of Selected. A little about the playlist, he said, “In this pandemic, somehow the worst thing is how the condition could erode the soul. Some people feel there is no goal that should be achieved now, and this matter will end with negativity. Now everyday I would like to fill my days with positive things, maybe have my own time to remind myself that I am still a human being and gonna live a little for a bit, or even upgrade myself, that thing will make me feel Live Forever.”whiteboardjournal, logo