Amanda Yadi (Lekat)

Amanda Yadi is a fun and pleasant person as well as the founder and designer for Lekat, a fashion brand that focuses on timeless pieces while raising the profile of Indonesian garment and jewelry tradition. A year into production, the brand has already made itself available in several major stores. For more information, visit Lekat’s facebook page. Amanda recently visited Whiteboard Journal’s HQ to talk to our host, Bergas, about 5 songs that have personal stories behind them – and this is quite the interesting selection. Have a listen and enjoy the music and stories! 01. Billie Holiday – You Go To My Head 02. The Temptations – My Girl 03. The Matthew Herbert Big Band – The Audience 04. Susan & Ria Enes – Ditimang Timang 05. Warkop – Mama Yo Quiero


Ken Jenie (Jirapah)

Normally lurking behind his portable preamp, Whiteboard Journal's Editor, Jirapah-songwriter, and all around weirdo-Ken Jenie takes the mic as today's guest on Soundclass. Do keep in mind that he butchers the Indonesian and English language whenever he speaks, and is also the person writing this short introduction. 01. Yura Yura Teikoku - Jikan 02. Gorilla Biscuits - New Direction 03. Fairport Convention - Dear Landlord (Bob Dylan Cover) 04. Nas - NY State of Mind 05. Broadcast - Corporeal 06. OOIOO - 木6列車


Winky Wiryawan

Winky Wiryawan is probably one of the last trance DJ standing in Indonesia. With his JUNKO outfit and Sundanese charms, Winky still keeps the dance floor trance hot!!! Check out the music that formed this talented artist and stories of his first ever LP, PLAYLIST! 01. Chopin - Minute Waltz Op 64 No 1 02. Sepultura - Dead Embryonic Cells 03. Metallica - Sad But True 04. Knife Party - Begin Again 05. Madeon - Technicolor 06. Michael Jackson - One Day in Your Life 07. Rage Against the Machine - Fistful of Steel


Kleting (KLÉ)

If you are familiar with Indonesia's fashion world then KLE' is probably a brand whose name rings a bell. Established in 2009, the brand quickly made its presence known in the independent fashion landscape, as well as its founder and designer: Kleting Titis Wigati. A friend of our host Bergas, the Milan-educated Kleting paid a visit to Whiteboard Journal's HQ in Jakarta to  share some of her favorite songs. Passionate about music, she originally prepared 14 songs for this episode, but narrowed it down to 7. Enjoy the stories behind the selected songs, and find out more about Kleting and KLE' in this episode of Soundclass. Enjoy! 01. Bjork - Possibly Maybe 02. Weezer - The Good Life 03. Luomo - Tessio 04. The Sundays - I Feel 05. Sara Vaughan - It's De Lovely 06. Vanessa Paradis - Sunday Mondays 07. Bjork - There's More To Life Than This


Reuben Elishama

You might be familiar with Reuben Elishama from either A. film and television, or B. Music. The actor and musician (primary songwriter, guitar player, and singer of his band - The Alastair) stopped by Whiteboard Journal's office and had a chat with our host Bergas about his favorite songs. For those who do not know, Reuben is very passionate about music - in fact, it was so difficult for him to select that he brought 7 songs with him! Click to listen and enjoy! 01. The Sundays - You're Not the Only One I Know 02. Interpol - Leif Erikson 03. Tame Impala - Feels Like We're Only Going Backwards 04. Rhye - The Fall 05. Warpaint - Lissie's Heart Murmur 06. Deerhunter - Agoraphobia 07. Little Dragon - Fortune



This episode of Soundclass features the lovely miss! A young and multitalented performer, she is a singer who at the time of this episode has just released her debut album, , an actress that has flexed her dramatic muscle in the Sundance-screened , and also a host for a variety of event. Our host with the most, Bergas, talked to her about her activities and 5 songs that she has a personal connection with. Take a listen and enjoy the show! Listen to this episode of Soundclass on Whiteboard Journal’s Mixcloud! 01. A Dream is a Wish You Heart Makes from Disney's Cinderella 02. Benyamin S. & Ida Royani - Jali Jali 03. Lisa Loeb - Wait (I Missed You) 04. Club 8 - Dancing with the Mentally Ill 05. Ayushita - Fufu Fafa


Nikita Dompas (TPE)

Nikita is the founder and guitarist of Tomorrow People Ensemble who recently worked and produced Andien's latest music offering. He is a rare talent in Indonesian jazz scene and we have him sitting comfortably with us talking about music that inspired him and how to be stylish. Listen to this episode of Soundclass on Whiteboard Journal’s Mixcloud! 01. Miles Davis - Blue in Green 02. West Montgomery - Four on Six 03. John Scoffield - Hottenhot 04. Bill Frisell - Rag 05. Pearl Jam - Alive


Leonard Theosabrata

Those who are familiar with the design scene in Indonesia are most likely familiar with Leonard Theosabrata. This product designer has taken many different projects under his wing which includes Brightspot Market, The Goods Dept, Whiteboard Journal, and his award winning family company: Accupunto. Leonard visited Whiteboard Journal's HQ one afternoon and shared 6 of his favorite music with our host Bergas Haryadita. If you are a fan of the 90s this is a selection for you! Listen to this episode of Soundclass on Whiteboard Journal's Mixcloud! 01. The Pixies - Velouria 02. The Pixies - Where is My Mind 03. Weezer - Say it Aint So 04. Deftones - Be Quiet (and Drive Away) 05. The Strokes - Hard to Explain 06. Smashing Pumpkins - Landslide (Fleetwood Mac Cover)


Dandi “Sir Dandy” Ramdhani

Dandi Ramdhani aka Acong aka the artist currently known as Sir Dandy is busy working on his secret furniture project somewhere in Jakarta. This native Bandung artist has been known as the leader of a "skill is dead" band Teenage Death Star, and after releasing a solo Sir Dandy LP is now contemplating in giving up his rebellious music career and start working seriously on his wooden fixation. On this episode of Soundclass we present the mysterious side of The Dandy. Playlist: 01. Blueboy - Always There 02. The Sundays - My Finest Hour 03. Miles Kane - My Fantasy 04. The Libertines - Times for Heroes 05. The Parkinsons - Angel in the Dark


Jonathan “Ojon” Kusuma

Jonathan "Ojon" Kusuma is a member of Jakarta electronic ensemble, Space System, who also the head of Space Rec. He is one of Jakarta's best kept secret and one to watch for in the ongoing evolution of Jakarta music scene. He is currently working in finishing Space System's full length LP and managing his internet based music store Listen to this episode of Soundclass on Whiteboard Journal's Mixcloud. Soundclass Selection: 01. War- Low Rider 02. Stomu Yamashta- Madness 03. Roy Ayers - I am Yourmind (Pepe Braddock Mix) 04. Funkadelic - One Nation Under A Groove 05. Jean-Luc Ponty - Computer Incarnations For World Peace

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