Vol. 09: Saleh Husein

Heart Attack

Vol. 09: Saleh Husein

by Ken Jenie


Welcome to 9th installment of Heartattack! Hope everyone’s doing good! Without further due, it’s a tremendous honor to present our special guest *drumroll* none other than Saleh Husein. Besides performing with White Shoes & the Couples Company as well as the Adams, Ale is also known for his avid love for hardcore/punk.

In this episode, he will be sharing to us, some of his personal favorite tunes growing up.

Ale Antipony:

Jakarta circa ’94 – ’95, my first encounter with the devil music, yep that’s what my folks at home describe it (laughs). I’m so attached to it and I can’t help but to listen to it day and night without even stopping, and eventually begin introducing it to all my closest friends.

Hardcore! Yes, I’m proud to say that word just because it means a lot to me. Through hardcore, I know a thing or two about the language of attitude, something that is so closely embedded within its music. As a musician, that particular language shapes me into who I am today.

At that time, I was having difficulty to locate music references. So it was still very much limited around records catalog, zine, even stories from friends who travelled abroad to see all of my favorite bands such as Agnostic Front, Warzone, etc.

During that time, it was difficult to find music references. Due to limitations, I had to search for information through records catalog, or hearing stories from friends who’ve seen some of my favorite bands such as Agnostic Front, Warzone, etc.

From there, my introduction got even deeper. I begin reading hardcore/punk fanzines, taping my friend’s cassettes, burning CD’s off my friend’s collection, until eventually I’m able to get them properly.

This mixtape is a glimpse of music that I’ve heard and a lot more I guess! It’s indeed, a glorious memory for me!

01. Seekers of the Truth – Food For Thought
02. Dog eat dog – Who’s The King
03. Rykers – brother against brother
04. Beastie Boys – Gratitude
05. Ignite – Call On My Brothers
06. Vision Of Disorder – D.T.O
07. Black Flag – Black Coffee
08. 25 ta Life – Friendship, Loyalty, Commitment
09. Agnostic Front – Gotta Go
10. Candiria-Work In Progress
11. Up Front – Fear of Being a Giant
12. Refused – Rather Be Dead
13. Earth Crisis – Breed The Killers
14. Ten Yard Fight – Hardcore Pride
15. Sick of it All- Scratch the Surface
16. Descendents – I Don’t Want To Grow Up
17. youth of today -break down the walls
18. Gorilla Biscuits – New Direction
19. Warzone – The Sound of Revolutionwhiteboardjournal, logo