Vol.30: Januar Kristianto

Heart Attack

Vol.30: Januar Kristianto

by Ken Jenie


Approaching the end of 2016 as we speak, here’s another crucial classics of hardcore/punk jam for the 30th episode of Heartattack. Featuring the likes of (you already know who’s on the list) Warzone, Youth of Today, Judge and every important hardcore bands that shape my youth and probably yours too! So here’s a bit of nostalgic, a walk to memory lane, memorable tracks that make me run amok. Enjoy and happy holiday y’all.

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01. Warzone – intro bust
02. Crippled Youth – positive scene
03. Project X – shutdown
04. Uniform Choice – use your head
05. Antidote – nazi youth
06. Madball – get out
07. Cro-mags – hard times
08. Judge – bringin it down
09. Side by Side – my life to live
10. Agnostic Front – power
11. Bad Brains – big takeover
12. The Abused – loud & clear
13. Breakdown – sick people
14. Youth of Today – take a stand
15. Wide Awake – insight
16. Gorilla Biscuits – biscuit powerwhiteboardjournal, logo