Vol.32: Indra Menus

Heart Attack

Vol.32: Indra Menus

by Ken Jenie


Sorry for the delay as I’ve been busy with things (yep, things!) but hey Heartattack is still here afterall! This time we have a special guest, the one and only Indra Menus of To Die, LKTDOV, Kongsi Jahat Syndicate, Relamati Records and many more. On this very occassion, he will be sharing to us some of his favorite tracks; showcasing his interest towards post-hardcore, 90s style emo, screamo/skramz as well as emoviolence. Without further due, enjoy the most melancholic episode of Heartattack – just yet!

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Blue Friend – Dasai
This japanese band always gives constant eargasm. For this sort of music, don’t get caught up with familiar names such as Envy or Heaven in Her Arms, you gotta check out Blue Friend. This song is opened with melodic guitar-picking then followed with dynamic conversation between the first and the second guitar, emotional shout sneaks and punches in between the instrument with maximum energy til the very last seconds.

CityCop – Hold Onto Your Seat, Syanne
From the album “The Hope in Forgiving & Giving Up Hope”, these quartet prove that acoustic guitar can produce maximum effect of angst yet melancholic outburst. Combination of singing & screaming, hand-picking & strumming technique from the acoustic guitar melt well under CityCop.

Daitro – Une Fois Encore Aka Redrum JR
My growing interest with French screamo wave and post hardcore begin from listening to the 3 way split “The Harsh Words As the Sun” between Raein, Lhasa and Daitro. The composition of Euro sound filled with reverb, delay, minimal distortion as well as French dialect are few reasons why I keep on digging more bands with these attributes.

Mihai Edrisch – La Pluie
Started from Daitro, I’ve finally found some interesting French-speaking bands such as Belle Epoque & Mihai Edrisch. When I listen to their record for the first time, I instantly fall in love with their character eventhough I don’t understand a thing about French language.

eucalypt – The Aftermath (Spanish Song)
eucalypt is the first Australian skramz band that I saw live. Some people cite them as the best non-distorted screamo band from Australia, and I gotta agree with that. I still remember the signature style of their bass player who stood still throughout the set in front of the drum by facing up backwards against the crowd, while the lead vocal yet guitarist kneeling down and scream without microphone. Sucha mindblowing sight! This band becomes one of LKTDOV’s live references after Jeromes Dream of course.

Quiet Steps – Why You’re Living
My Disco is probably one of Australian bands that has the same signature accent like this band. From My Disco, I got introduced to Ohana and Quiet Steps with the similar vocal character like Ben Andrew on My DIsco circa Language of Numbers. I really like the feeling of minimal music on Quiet Steps 4 songs EP (2007). Composition of math rock, screamo and indie rock merge perfectly with half singing yet half shouting of Australian accent.

Raven Mccoy – Asking Questions In A Letter
I really love a slow-down tempo that gradually becomes intense such as this particular track. Even with his screaming style mixed with spoken words, you can feel that the vocal properly delivered with great amount of emotions in it. This track is the most heartbreaking track on their 2011 EP where the other tracks run on moderately faster tempo.

This Town Needs Gun – Baboon
Twinkle Daddy, Midwest Emo, Math Rock, whatever you name it, this band is great! Band who usually requires high accuracy like this tends to disregard their vocal department, but with calm this band inserts great melodic vocal into their sophisticatedly complex musical composition. The result? Amazing! – Finally I able to listen to mathematical music which sounds so tuneful and radio friendly.

eleventwelfth – Later On
I know this band through Revolution Autumn vol 2 compilation. One of Indonesian bands that successfully play twinkle daddy/midwest emo with radio friendly tendency. Not to mention their duet with rising soloist, Asteriska, opens them up to wider possibility.

Indigo Moire – Bloom
I wasn’t aware with this band before, but when Daffa of Kolibri Records recommended this band for Revolution Autumn Compilation Vol 2 and then I finally got their demo, I instantly fell in love. As always, I tend to have a habit, if a song able to represent my emotional condition at that time, then that song is entitled to be my favorite song for a month full. Even after I read the lyrics, Bloom becomes my top playlist on my PC for couple months.

rekah – Untuk Seorang Gadis yang Selalu Memakai Malam
Still on the hunt for Revolution Autumn Compilation Vol 2 roster, rekah managed to steal my attention. At that time Tomo wanted to form a new band. I trust my intuition eventhough that band hasn’t recorded anything. Thank god I’ve got my intuition right! Black metal, screamo, shoegaze and math rock elements blend well in this track, plus the Indonesian vocals doesn’t always come out as blackened but also mixed with singing, spoken words and even a little bit of crying.

Glare – Malice
On the first edition of Revolution Autumn there’s Gauth who then shares line up with Glare on the 2nd edition. I have no idea why but I feel like Glare is a reincarnated version of Orchid, minus the post-modernist aesthetic. There are lots of high and low moment built from rhythm and melody from octave chords, which presented with powerful energy and high intensity. Here we can find lots of beautiful moments among the chaos.whiteboardjournal, logo