Heart Attack


by Ken Jenie


I’m completely thrilled to present the latest installment of Heartattack. Massive shout outs to Indra Menus for the incredible tracklist on our previous episode, here I am tangled in a glorious nostalgic encounter. Skramz or screamo has been widely misunderstood for its mainstream appeal, whereas we have all these great alternate scene; filled with massively underappreciated outfits from different parts of the world. These are tiny reflections of my appreciation towards the style, the zeitgeist, the energy and the substance.

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01. Welcome the Plague Year – Behold a Pale Horse
02. Ampere – We Neither Rise Nor Fall
03. Hassan I Sabbah – Watching the Eyes of Someone Lying
04. Shikari – Post Student Syndrome
05. Circle Takes the Square – Same Shade As Concrete.
06. Daighila – Hunt
07. City of Caterpillar – When Was the Last Time We Painted Over the Blood On the Walls
08. Kaospilot – Rethink the Guidelines
09. Orchid – I Am Nietzche
10. Pg99 – In Love with an Apparition
11. Piri Reis – When Life Hand You Grenade
12. Daïtro – Chaque Seconde
13. Utarid – There is Definitely Room For Growth
14. Saetia – Notres Langues Nous Trompent
15. Anomie – Avorter N’est Pas Tuer
16. Textbook Traitors – Diagram of How To Take a Punch
17. Orbit Cinta Benjamin – Fuck Tomorrow
18. Sjanse – An End to No End
19. La Quiete – *
20. Hot Cross – A Tale for the Ageswhiteboardjournal, logo