Vol.27: Fadli Aat

Heart Attack

Vol.27: Fadli Aat

His love is not only for disco!

by Ken Jenie


Notoriously known for his relentless love for Indonesian music, Fadli Aat (FA) is no strange figure to Jakarta’s eclectic mix of prominent selectors. Like most of us, he also went through adolescent phase and having the opportunity to absorb and immerse himself with barrage of musical influences. This time he shares to us some of his alltime favourite as well as memorable tracks from bands that have always reminded him what’s it like to be young again, for eternity. Enjoy!

01.Cryptical Death – Drama Negara.
02.Sore Throat – Nevermind the Napalm.
03.Civil Disobedience – Planet Of The Fakes.
04.Defecation – Side Effects.
05.Napalm Death – Nazi Punks Fuck Off.
06.Disrupt – A Life’s Life.
07.Forgotten – P*rkosa R.I.
08.Dying Fetus – Procreate the Malformed.
09.Terrorizer – Whirlwind Struggle.
10.Charles Bronson – Story of my life.
11.Homicide – Barisan Nisan.whiteboardjournal, logo