Vol. 31: Dimas “Acong” Saktya

Heart Attack

Vol. 31: Dimas “Acong” Saktya

by Ken Jenie


Sup everyone, it’s the first mix of the year of flaming rooster. We have a very special guest in this one, it’s none other than Dimas “Acong” Saktya. His love for the music is almost impossible to deny as he’s involved with few notable names such as Voyagers of Icarie, Freedom of Choice as well as become frequent spinner at the Safehouse establishment. His infectious motoric dance track can also be found on Dentum Dansa Bawah Tanah under Papaya Records. In this latest episode of Heartattack, he will be sharing to us songs that accompany his morning, nostalgic songs he heard during his childhood and also his time in university all the way through the moment he discovered the coming-of-age world of Empire Records in the 90s. Sit back & enjoy!



1. Delta 5 – Mind Your Own Business
2. Elastica – Connection
3. Iggy Pop – Lust For Life
4. The Flying Lizards – Money
5. Space System – Nocturnal Creatures
6. Prinzhorn Dance School – You Are The Space Invader
7. The Clash – Bankrobber
8. Cheech & Chong Feat. Alice Bowie – Earache My Eye
9. Beastie Boys – So What’cha Wantwhiteboardjournal, logo