We Discuss: Local Brands, How Is It Relevant?

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We Discuss: Local Brands, How Is It Relevant?

From design quality to plagiarism, we discuss the global status of local Indonesian brands and where it’s going in the coming years

by Whiteboard Journal


This episode of We Discuss was recorded during our live session at Folkyspace event in Bandung. Wondering how local brands are still relevant today, this topic was discussed by representatives from 4 well known local brands, Fahmi Faisal and Vando from Hijack Sandals, Vincentius Aditya from Paradise Youth Club and Jeffry Jouw from Urban Sneakers Society, with moderator Ghina Sabrina.

We Discuss is now available online on East Kemang Radio. As an expansion of Whiteboard Journal’s panels of discussion, this podcast will deliver exclusive talks with our friends and partners.

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