Burberry Freshens Up with Gosha Rubchinskiy


Burberry Freshens Up with Gosha Rubchinskiy

by Febrina Anindita


Word: Fransisca Bianca
Photos: i-D

The debut collaboration between Christopher Bailey of Burberry and Gosha Rubchinskiy, whose label is owned by Comme des Garcons may be the fresh new step Burberry needs. Referring to the dilution the brand has been suffering from for a significant period of time now, with Burberry’s signature pattern being ‘stolen’ by many other productions and becoming printed in various objects, including Burberry frauds.

This collaboration may be witnessed as ‘classic meets modern’, where modern everyday vibe channeled through Rubchinskiy’s street wears mixes with Burberry’s British classic, somewhat conservative signature tone. It may also be seen as a fashion ‘catch-up’, where yesterday’s fashion trends meet today’s newest contemporaries. Lastly, it may be seen as how fashion is merely a huge and developing loop, in which pieces of style from time to time not only experience developments but also comebacks. whiteboardjournal, logo