Quick Review: Chef


Quick Review: Chef

by Febrina Anindita


Word: Fransisca Bianca
Photos: Zesterdaily

A feast for the eyes is certainly one way of describing this 2014-released film directed by Jon Favreau, which also stars himself. A journey of passion, dream chasing, all in the midst of a mid-life-crisis-led epiphany, Favreau takes us diving into a world of culinary creativity, while showing us how equivalent to art food may be, and also how ageless passion is.

Favreau definitely did his homework by turning himself into a seemingly experienced cook with what anyone would guess to be years of experience, which came just as natural as the dimensions of emotions that the film tried to show. Following the titular Chef’s struggles in getting back onto his feet after being publicly humiliated and fired from his job, this one would probably make you think twice about settling for just about anything.

Overall, Chef makes a pleasing delivery of its storyline, which is further ‘spiced up’ by its choice of soundtracks (that you probably would feel like dancing to), and of course with generous amounts of screen time for the seemingly savory delights featured in it. Be careful not to watch it on an empty stomach though!

Quick Review Chef: 5/5

Chef (2014)
Directed by Jon Favreau
Synopsis: Chef follows the journeys of a struggling chef trying to re-explore his love for cooking, while also juggling the ups and downs of his personal life. whiteboardjournal, logo